Research Clusters
Agricultural microbiology
  • Application of probiotics for increased production efficiency for animals and crops (Dr. Sirirat)
  • Antibody-based detection kit for drugs and allergens in food (Dr.Tanapat)
  • Biocontrol of plant pathogenic fungi (Dr. Panan)
  • Development of rhizobium biofertilizers with DNA fingerprints and can be kept at room temperature (Dr. Kanjana)
  • Multilocus sequencing analysis of soybean rhizobia and green microalgae, Chlorella spp., Desmodesmus spp., and Scenedesmus spp. (Dr. Kanjana)
  • Mycotoxins in food and agricultural products (Dr. Chewanan)
Environmental microbiology
Industrial microbiology
  • Biodegradable plastics from microorganisms: production, process  optimization, characterization and properties (Dr. Songsri, Dr. Suchada)
  • Industrial enzymes isolated from environmental microbes (Dr. Naraporn)
  • Nisin as food preservative and its applications in food nanotechnology and packaging materials (Dr. Supat)
  • Production of microbial biosurfactants (Dr. Jiraporn, Dr. Ekawan, Dr. Onruthai)
  • Uses of microorganisms for effective production of industrial products, such as organic acids, antibiotics and enzymes (Dr. Pairoh, Dr. Panan, Dr. Songsri, Dr. Suthep)
  • Roles of yeasts in foods and beverages (Dr. Chulee)
Medical microbiology
  • Development of high throughput yeast-based assay for new drug discovery (Dr. Chulee)
  • Bioactive compounds from endophytic fungi (Dr. Prakitsin)
  • Bioactive compounds isolated from environmental microbes (Dr. Naraporn)
  • DNA vaccine and its delivery system using nanoparticles (Dr.Tanapat)
  • Genetic studies for genes regulating shimp human immune system (Dr. Wanchai)
  • Immune-mediated diseases (Dr. Tanapat)
  • Signal transduction in innate immune cells and cancer cells (Dr. Tanapat)
  • Natural products with anti-inflammation and anti-osteoclastogenic activity (Dr.Tanapat)