Cheewanun Dachoupakan Sirisomboon, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

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phone : 662 218 5090
2005-2008      Ph.D. (French degree) Microbiology, Biotechnology  École Doctorale Sciences des Procédés-Sciences des Aliments Université Montpellier II, Montpellier, France
2004-2005     DEA (French degree) Sciences des Aliments École Doctorale Sciences des Procédés-Sciences des Aliments Université Montpellier II, Montpellier, France
1997-2001     B.Sc., in Microbiology,Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND
2002          Regional Quality Training Nestlé Asean, Bangkok, Thailand
2003-2004  French courses, CAVILAM, Vichy, France
2011          Development of Mycotoxin Analyst, Bangkok, Thailand
2012          NIR Short Courses, The 3rd Asian NIR symposium, Bangkok, Thailand
Research Interest
- Food mycology
- Mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi in food and agricultural products
- Application of NIRS in food microbiology
- Biological control molds and mycotoxins in food
Publications from scopus

Other Publications
  1. Dachoupakan Sirisomboon, C., Putthang, R., Sirisomboon, P. (2013) Application of near infrared spectroscopy to detect aflatoxigenic fungal contamination in rice. Food Control 33: 207-214. (Impact factor = 2.656)
  2. Techarat, S., Dachoupakan, C. (2012) Growth and ochratoxin A production of black aspergilli isolated from Thai wine grapes. Asian Journal of Food and Agro-Industry 5: 172-182.
  3. Dachoupakan, C., Ratomahenina, R., Martinez, V., Guiraud, J.P., Baccou, J.P., and Schorr-Galindo, S. (2009) Study of the phenotypic and genotypic biodiversity of potentially ochratoxinogenic black aspergilli isolated from grapes. International Journal of Food Microbiology 132:14-23.
  4. Amezqueta, S., Gonzalez-Penas, E., Dachoupakan, C., Murillo-Arbizu, M., Lopezdecerain, A., and Guiraud, J.P. (2008) OTA-producing fungi isolated from stored cocoa beans. Letters in Applied Microbiology 47:197-201.
  1. Kittikamhaeng, N., Dachoupakan, C. (2012) Contamination of aflatoxigenic and ochratoxigenic Aspergillus in Thai rice. The 23 rd Annual Meeting of the Thai Society